Thursday, May 19, 2011

Katha (1983)

First post in the series- and will start with 'Katha'- for that's what movies are- stories on celluloid...

This 1983 Naseeruddin Shah- Deepti Naval- Farookh Sheikh starrer is a take on the popular children’s tale- ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’. It is a light-hearted comedy with a simple narrative that shows the daily hustles and bustles of a Mumbai ‘chawl’, and how the life of the simple-helpful-na├»ve-idealistic Rajaram (Naseeruddin Shah as the Tortoise) changes when the confident-clever-manipulative-complacent Bashu (Farookh Shiekh as the Hare) re-enters his life. The sequence of events brings out a stark contrast between the two characters and how they approach each and every situation and life in general. Very subtly the film also paints a comparative picture between the ‘high society’ and the ‘chawl class people’. The unity that binds the ‘chawl’ people and the way they enjoy simple joys of life is shown in a very adept manner. Although this is an ensemble cast film, there are almost no sub-plots or distractions and the movie sticks to its core idea. The end is beautifully done and is really thought provoking. The old story has it that the tortoise always wins. But in today’s times, as a character rightly sums up- ‘yeh jeet bhi koi jeet hui?’

A very little known classic by Sai Paranjpaye movie- this certainly deserves a watch. No big budget- no foreign locales- no big stars- no popular songs- no thrills and action- just a simple engaging story that will make you smile a lot. Farookh Shiekh plays the brat really well and Naseer excels as the simpleton. In a way this a role reversal of sorts as Farookh Sheikh was known to play simple sad characters and Naseer would be thought of as more suitable for what his anti-thesis in the movie is.


  1. Well written...Aisa lag rha hai TOI ka review padh rha hoon...very Professional...i hav always told u...u r in the wrong profession...mayb v shud make a case study out of u...for counselors and HR ppl!!

  2. Thanks bhai... waise I believe that I am not in any profession yet :) Just a student :)