Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Footprints of Shadows: An Anthology

India is an impossibly inexhaustible repository of stories. Sample a train journey between any two major Indian cities, and it is unlikely that we would have heard of more than a handful of station names en-route. Most trains don’t even halt at these small stations, and we hardly pay any attention to these nondescript and obscure names. But more often than not though, many of these names have compelling stories to narrate, and some fascinating anecdotes to share.

This book is a collection of fourteen such stories that are all fictional, and yet set in realistic contexts. Half of them are set in some or the other era from Indian history, while the rest are all set in the current times. While each standalone story has something interesting to say, together these stories evaluate the many human emotions that have remained unchanged over the thousands of years, as the world around us has transformed. Each story has a woman as the central character, as it is the motherland that this collection of stories attempts to pay homage to.

Following are some of the worlds that you would encounter while going through the book:
-> In the story titled "The Voyage", experience a passage of time during the mid-16th Century, when a mysterious ship landed on the shores of Goa, carrying with it a radical object that was to change the course of history
-> In the story titled "Shramana", witness a mystical interaction between arguably the first King of a unified India in the 3rd Century BC, and a village peasant lady whose life was irrevocably pledged to a wealthy businessman
-> In the story titled "Noor", get transported to a time when a peaceful verdant hill town in the Kangra Valley during the 17th Century was roused by the visit of a mighty Mughal queen

All this, and many more!


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