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JFFS: Chandni Chowk To China AGAIN

Sidhu (Akshay Kumar) returns to India along with Sakhi (Deepika Padukone), her twin sister Suzy and their father Chiang. Sidhu and Sakhi get married and they, along with Chopstick (Ranvir Shorey), open a high-end Chinese restaurant in the city. Soon they all get very busy with the day to day workings of the restaurant. The two sisters become really enthused about making it the best Chinese restaurant in Delhi and their father helps them in all their ambitious initiatives. But Sidhu soon gets very detached with the set-up…

Sidhu starts missing the feeling of fun and achievement that he had experienced when he had learnt martial arts from his father-in-law. Although his revenge is now over, he still has that urge in him to go out and do something big. He is convinced that he is not meant to live a normal life. So to pamper his urges he starts teaching martial arts to kids and youngsters in nearby Colony Park in the evenings. Soon his evening classes gain a lot of popularity and even oldies start enrolling for them- and those who don’t start visiting the classes just to enjoy the spectacle. Among all his students he takes a particular liking for a spirited twelve year old boy Krishna who soon becomes his favorite pupil. After a few weeks for his classes, he organizes a competition within his pupils to exhibit their skills to the world. For this competition Sidhu invites all famous people of his area. His father-in-law, a martial arts expert himself, also attends and accepts to open the show with a fun match with Sidhu- in which Sidhu gets well and truly beaten initially but then recovers to make some solid moves. The competition then begins and Krishna defeats a much taller, stronger, and older opponent to lift the cup. Thus Krishna well and truly becomes Sidhu’s beloved student- almost like a son.

Soon after the competition Sidhu visits Krishna’s home. He meets his widowed mother. In Krishna’s bedroom he accidently discovers a photograph hidden beneath the bed-sheet. It’s a photo of the boy along with his younger looking mother and his late father. When Sidhu sees the picture he gets a huge shock. The man in the picture is none other than his beloved Dada (Mithun Chakravorty) who was killed because of that villain in China. Sidhu confronts Krishna’s mother who tells him something which is most astonishing. She tells him his Dada was a secret RWA agent who was working incognito for his organization and keeping a check on a lot of notorious activities that take place in the Old Delhi and Chandni Chowk area. He used to keep his family life a secret from the world so that his enemies could not use his wife and son as bait against him. When he had died, some members of the RAW had visited their home to offer condolences and pay their last respects to her- at least that’s what she had thought at that point in time. But later she understood that what they really needed was a file that her husband had compiled on a lot that goes on in the area. His colleagues couldn’t find the file. But some unknown people started following her and her son wherever they went. She wanted her son to be strong and that’s why she sent him to the martial arts class.

After hearing everything, Sidhu urges the two of them to move in with him. To him they were his family- perhaps even a bit more than just family. They accept his offer. For the next few days Sidhu keeps revising in his head all his Dada had told him. He is convinced that the secret of the file was inside him- and he just had to find it. This one mission to recall that very secret starts haunting his life. He starts rewinding all his memories with Dada for that one clue.

One day when he, his father-in-law, and Krishna make their way back from their martial art class, a group of miscreants attack Krishna and pick him up before either of the two grown-ups can do anything. They chase the goons and free Krishna- finally getting to use their martial art skills in a non-simulative situation. Krishna also makes some smashing kicks and punches- and the three of them exchange high-fives. Krishna then points towards a rare rainbow in the sky. As soon as Sidhu sees the rainbow he instantly remembers something that Dada used to tell him often.

Indradhanush ke ant mein sone ka matka hai. Yeh sabko pata hai par aaj kal kisi ke paas waqt nahin hai us tak pahunchne ka.”

This abstract sentence used to befuddle him earlier- but today Sidhu makes a little sense of it. He starts to run back towards Chandni Chowk. Within no time he reaches his old shop- his dada’s shop. He enters their old room. Their on the wall is printed a rainbow that runs into the other room. He follows it and comes to the end of the rainbow. He looks around and spots a switch under the bed- right at the end of the rainbow. The presses the switch and a small crevice becomes visible. He looks inside and finds a note.

Ajay, if you have found this note it means that there is a high probability that I would be dead. The file is present where it should be. Make the best use of it.”

Sidhu cannot remember his Dada mentioning about Ajay to him. In fact he knew no one called with that name. Sidhu returns to his home and asks Krishna and his mother about Ajay. She tells him that a certain Ajay Sharma was Dada’s colleague in RAW and also a very good friend. The next day Sidhu looks up for Ajay Sharma and visits his home along with Dada’s wife. Ajay Sharma’s wife opens the door and tells that that her husband hadn’t been home for the past two months or so. She further tells them that she was not worried at all as her husband had done such things in the past too- that was the nature of his work. But she also tells them that this time she was really angry because he had not even tried contacting her in the two months. Not even a phone call.

Sidhu finds everything fishy- also the fact that the note had found him- and not Ajay. But he has no leads to work upon except that note which was designed in a manner that it could be understood only by Ajay. He reaches home, only to find it deserted. He goes to the restaurant and discovers that only his employees were present- and none of his family members. On the way back he is apprehended by two unidentified men- they tell him that all his family had been kidnapped by them-

We want that file in the next six hours

Before Sidhu can say anything they run off after leaving a visiting card in his pocket- he spends the next few minutes roaming around and completely dazed- not knowing what to do (Rahat Ali sad song in background) - after an hour or two he takes out the card and sees the address- and decides to go there and face everything head on. He borrows a car and makes his way out of the city- to the outskirts- a few narrow lanes lead him to a place from where a huge bungalow is in sight- he parks the car some distance away and reaches the bungalow- makes his way to a side wall- climbs a tree and enters clandestinely. Next few minutes are spent making his way inside the building- and once he does that- he spends the next few minutes searching for his family- all the while making sure that no one spots him- and if someone does, making sure that that someone is not able to tell anyone else about it.

Finally he reaches the room where his family is locked in- he meets them- they tell him that Ajay had already been kidnapped by the mates of the people who had kidnapped them- he was present in the same room- completely bruised and shattered- unable to speak and move. Before Sidhu can reach Ajay the goons enter the room and capture him. They beat him black and blue- and he is unable to return the favor as his family is held hostage at gunpoint.

Where is the file?”

Sidhu looks at his wife, her sister, her father- and the first thing that comes to his mind is – CHINA.

The file is in China- Dada took it with him when he went there.”
With whom in China?
We don’t know where he left it.

The goons go off and leave all of them in the room. Sidhu walks up to Ajay and shows him the note. Ajay tells him that Dada had indeed taken the file with him to China- and the note indicates the same. The file had been left by Dada in the city he had died. According to an old organizational division practice- before going on a dangerous mission the officer is supposed to leave secret items/information with the person who he trusts the most. In China the person he trusted the most would have been none other than Sidhu...

Sidhu, his father-in-law, and Suzy then go together to find that file. Krishna, Sakhi, Ajay, and Ajay’s wife remains as hostages. Upon reaching China they start visiting all the places where Sidhu had been with his bag. Sidhu was more than convinced that Dada would have kept the file in his bag. If only he would have taken the bag back to India- or even cared about it. Then Sidhu realizes that he had left the bag in Hugo’s den when he was fighting it. They make a few enquires and learn that indeed a bag was found and that it was kept in a safe in Hugo’s son’s house. Hugo’s son was sure that Sidhu would be back for the bag and he would get his revenge.

Sidhu, his master, and his daughter Suzy reach Hugo’s son’s den- an ultimate martial art showdown with them finding the file.

Meanwhile Krishna keeps reading a note that Sidhu had left him.

“here is a map of this bungalow. When you get a signal- escape from this place- I am convinced you can do it- and help everyone escape.”
When Sidhu finds the file he starts doing an old martial art trick of telepathy- Krishna, asleep at that time, gets the signal in his dreams. Wasting no time he and others start escaping from the place- Krishna making full use of his martial artistry.

They succeed. A day later Sidhu and others join them. File is handed over to Ajay who takes it to RAW and finishes Dada’s unfinished business. Dada’s son Krishna is sent to a special training camp to hone his skills. The goodbye between Sidhu and Krishna is just the beginning of a truly wonderful relationship.


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