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JFFS: Dostana 2

dostana2 JUST FOR FUN SEQUEL: Dostana 2

So at the end of D-1 Neha gets hitched to Abhimanyu. So what happens to Sam and Kunal? What happens to their Dostana?
Sam and Kunal start their lives again, away from that apartment and those fun filled moments. But they realize that they can’t get over their true feelings for Neha and they both remind each other of her and the fun times they had together. They decide to help one another in finding new partners but that all efforts go in vain. In fact it is because of the presence of the other in their lives that they can’t fall in love again. So they decide to end their friendship and stay away from each other until they find their respective matches.

So, Sam and Kunal are once again on their own- like they were at the beginning of D-1. On his mother’s insistence Sam goes over and visits her. There, his mother has already found a nice girl for him and wants him to get married to her. Sam doesn’t want in the least, but on his mother’s insistence meets the girl, Ayesha, and finds her really nice (read hot). So he decides to give marriage a chance thinking that in any case he has to move on in life. So Sam and Ayesha get married and proceed to go for a honeymoon on a cruise. Once on the cruise Sam gets a shocker and finds that Kunal is there with his girlfriend…

All this while, when Sam was in London, Kunal manages to fall in love with Sonam- a hotshot model who he had once photographed for a magazine. Kunal and Sonam don’t rush into a marriage and decide to know each other better by going on a holiday together. They get an opportunity in the form of a cruise on which a small film is being shot in which Sonam has landed up a role. Kunal too becomes a photographer with the film crew and they both join the cruise- with the intention of mixing work with pleasure.

Kunal too is as astonished to find Sam on the same cruise. However, they once again bond- over drinks- and introduce their respective partners to one another. But there is a shock in waiting for them. Neha’s ex boss (Boman Irani) too is on the cruise. He still thinks that Sam and Kunal are a gay couple. He is baffled to learn that both of them are with girls. He confronts Sam and chides him that he had suppressed his natural instincts because of his mother and had ended up marrying a girl. He thinks Kunal is just passing his time by going out with Sonam as Sam has broken his heart by marrying Ayesha. He sympathizes with Kunal. Now both Sam and Kunal have to prevent Neha’s ex boss (‘NEB’) from fulfilling his mission of telling Ayesha everything.

Meanwhile the cruise reaches a small island. Sam and Kunal go out together for some sightseeing, taking NEB with them, so as to keep him away from Ayesha and Sonam. But just when the ship is leaving NEB falls in a trench. In saving him, all the three of them are left stranded on the island and the ship goes away. Frustrated, they explore the island. They find it to be a very small one with just a few locals and a very few English speaking ones. Just as they think that the things couldn’t go any worse, a group of local goons attack them and take all their money and possessions. They spend the night in the jungles and when the sun rises they get up determined to get out of the mess. They reach a small hotel. They are shocked to find that the hotel’s owner recognizes them. He had been at the party where Sam and Kunal had kissed each other in front of Neha and Abhimanyu. He has a very little English but they manage to tell him that they had been robbed and had missed the ship. The owner then tells them that there was a vacancy where they could earn some money at one go. They decide to trust him- for they had no other choice. To Sam and Kunal’s horror and NEB’s delight, they take them to a strip club with a large number of people (both guys and gals) waiting for them to start the show. They go through hell and just as they are leaving the strip club, Sam spots someone he knew very well. It’s Sunaina. His first love. The girl with whom he had made love for the first time. He is shocked to find her in a completely inebriated state along with a group of other hippies. He runs over to her but she recognizes him in an instant. His heart takes a huge lurch. He takes her away from her group and away from Kunal and NEB. They both spend the night chatting away and recalling their past memories. Sam realizes that Sunaina had been always his first love and even Neha’s memories faded in her presence.

Meanwhile the next day Ayesha and Sonam return to the island in a steamer. They find Kunal and NEB and rush over to them. Ayesha asks Kunal about Sam. Kunal realizes that there could be big trouble if Ayesha found Sunaina with Sam. He rushes over to Sam and finds him locked in an embrace with Sunaina. He confronts him and tells him that his wife was on the island. Sam has to return to the cruise but before leaving he promises Sunaina that he would be back for her. On the cruise Sam realizes that Ayesha had fallen madly in love with him and he couldn’t ask her to separate. And then it strikes to him. He had to do it again. He and Kunal once again pretend to be gays and create raucous on the cruise. NEB is thrilled that both of them had overcome their unnatural instincts and were back together. Kunal tells Sonam that they are play-acting but Ayesha is shocked and completely heartbroken. She tries to make Sam realize her love for him and tries to seduce him to ‘better things’ but all her efforts prove futile and ultimately she has to leave the cruise completely shattered.

Sam, Kunal and Sonam return to the island to find Sunaina. But there is another twist awaiting them. They find that Sunaina is Abhimanyu’s sister and Neha and Abhimanyu were on the island visiting her. Kunal spots Neha and this time it’s him who finds his heart take a lurch. He looks at her and then looks at Sonam and then realizes that he could never forget Neha and could never do justice to some other girlfriend. But he is not able to tell Sonam all this. So once again they do what they are best at and pretend to be gays, telling Sonam that in the process of play-acting on the cruise, they had actually fallen in love with each other. Sonam too, leaves the island in a huff.

Meanwhile cracks have started to appear in Abhimanyu and Neha’s marriage. Neha has been a fantastic mother but professional differences and different opinions on most things at work have started to trouble their life at home. Abhimanyu had realized that Neha could be very infuriating in matters of work and he had begun to regret their marriage. But the only thing that had kept them together was his son and Neha’s love for him. They had come to the island to try to patch up their differences. But when Neha spots Kunal and Sam she finds no time for Abhimanyu. The three of them recall their Dostana and have fun together; only difference being that Sunaina joins them. Kunal starts to woo Neha when he realizes that things were not right between her and Abhimanyu. Neha too has always had a part of her, which had loved Kunal and that part takes over her entire existence because of his charm and she too is smitten by him. Abhimanyu too realizes Kunal and Neha’s feelings for each other and he and Neha decide to take a divorce. The only thing that stops Neha is her bond with Abhimanyu’s son. But Abhimanyu thinks of a solution. Abhimanyu tells her that he has decided to move to India to establish their businesses there and their son could stay with them if she would like it. Neha is thrilled. Abhimanyu tells his son to love Neha as a mother and that he would be always there for him and would come to meet him often.

So a new Dostana begins with two grand marriages. Sunaina and Sam. Kunal and Neha.


  1. wow!! u write really well... the story is quite captivating, interesting, filled with humour and twists...
    that was real good creative thinking... :)
    i enjoyed reading it!!

  2. Hey Tanvi, thanks a ton. Glad you enjoyed it... :)
    And thanks for leaving a comment!!

  3. u r welcome :)
    ur write ups are worth reading..!!

  4. Thanks again Tanvi :) Glad! I hope you also manage to catch some of the movies written about here... if you love Hindi movies- you will enjoy them for sure :)

  5. i will catch up on them... but that will have to wait untill after my exams... they r beginning soon...

  6. Of Course, studies first- same goes for me too... am not watching too many movies these days as college is hectic :)

  7. Stranded on the Island part with no money would drag the length of the movie. I am not really sure about the Dostana sequel but yeah, Bhool Bhulaiyya 2 was awesome.... Insha ALLAH , Your script will surely rake in the moolahs! |cheers|

    1. Thanks! These stories have been written just like that. I am really happy you found the Bhool Bhulaiya one awesome. To make movies one has to do a lot more than just write random 2-3 page stories. Inshallah I will do it one day.