Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reflections: Cinema, Censorship, and Society

I don’t do drugs. I will never do them. And had it not been for movies like DevD, Shaitaan and London Dreams etc., I would have not even known how to do them...

I don’t think sex is taboo. But I don’t think having casual sex and one night stands is cool either- like many of the modern, cool, hippie, in vogue movies would like us to believe. “How many men have you slept with” wow- liberated youngsters- liberated women- BULLSHIT

The point I am trying to make is what is censorship? Do we need a body for it? Is it really doing a job? Shaitaan is rated A- big deal- its hoardings are everywhere- its promos are everywhere- tweets from the maker claim that this is the new age cinema- intelligent- and liberated- BULLSHIT

I am a 22 yr old- its been just 5 years since I left school- and I am scared to see the transformation in the age group between 12-17 in these past few years- this generation is growing (as makers like A Kashyap would like us to believe) – according to me on the contrary, this generation has just stopped caring. PRECOCIOUS PUBERTY.

Our young generation in the adolescent and pre-adolescent years is being exposed to filth-and wrong notions are being given to them left right and center. So now underage drinking is cool- one who doesn’t do it is labelled as a weirdo- GET A LIFE- he is told- and finally he jumps on the bandwagon-

And the intelligentsia debating on an innocuous BHAAG DK BOSE (Loop)- Common- Hypocrisy of the highest order- Highest order BULLSHIT

No censor board can save us- it is up to the people who have the power- who can make films- to restrain from making India cool and a poor imitation of the western decadence- I would write this as an open letter to the infinitely talented Mr. Anurag Kashyap- but he is too busy re tweeting the praise this new uber cool urban India is lavishing on his new movie- the kind that is taking India forwards- BULLSHIT


  1. Loved the post piyush...Good to see this side of yours too:)

  2. Thanks Gunjan. I have always been like this old-fashioned, uncool- and honest :)

  3. completely agree with yo on this...